It’s been a while…

So I know it’s been a while, I’ve been busy working, and taking care of our now almost 3 yo and our 1.5 yo! Time really flys. We had the beginnings of a farm going, with chickens, turkeys, a guardian dog and goats… and then it all changed very quickly. We found out in October that I was pregnant with our 3rd baby and the house we were living in was entirely too small for our fast growing family. Before I got too far along in the pregnancy we need to move and Stat! So, we found loving home for all of our animals and made the move to the suburbs… Not what we are looking for but the rent was good and so was the location for us. This is our temporary home for a couple of years and then we will look for our forever home with plenty of land to grow our farm once again. It was a sad move, neither of us wanted to do it but we knew it had to be done. And thank god we did it early on in the pregnancy, because this one has been the hardest of all. I am chronically tired and uncomfortable, I would have not been able to help with the move and that would have drove me crazy! I am not one to sit back and watch others do all the work, I like to get my hands dirty, I like to help, I like to work. But enough about our crazy home life, I’ve got some essential oil creations to talk about!

Our poor little 18 month old, she has been getting these crazy rashes on her bottom. She has ALWAYS had trouble pooping, like so much so that she poops once or twice a week and sometimes not at all. It kind of runs in the family 🤔. Piper may or may not have an Aunt that has this same problem 😂 sorry Leah ❤. Anyways, this past month or so she has been pooping just a tiny bit at a time, like four times a day, it is making her little tush so freaking raw that it sometimes blisters in spots. We have tried every cream, non-cream, just water… everything. Nothing seems to work for her. Mind you, my kids have super sensitive skin when it comes to some things… So being tired of all the crap that companies put into diaper creams, paired with, finding some spare time this weekend 😜 I made my own. And one night of using it, her little bum looked 90% better! Amazing. And it is like way, way cheaper to make. I am kind of an odd ball though, I already had all the ingredients on hand. Ask my husband, I have a closet full of diy stuff- Young Living essential oils, carrier oils, creams, glass bottles, powders, additives, you name it, I possibly have it 😂.  I might have Problem…
So this butt cream is super simple, not a lot needs to go into it:

  • Organic coconut oil 
  • Organic Almond oil
  • Corn starch
  • Zinc powder
  • Lavender essential oil (I will only use and trust the purity of Young Living oils) Buy here

I used about 4 tablespoons of coconut oil, a half teaspoon of almond oil, a half tablespoon of zinc powder, and 6-8 drops of lavender. Then I mixed in the corn starch to get the desired consistency. I probably had to add about four tablespoons or more. The consistency was smooth but not too oily, it left a good barrier on her to protect her skin, the added corn starch and zinc helped dry out the existing rash, and the added lavender to soothe and help heal her poor little bum. I feel good about using this on both kids and even the new baby when he arrives in June 🤗.

The other thing I was able to research and make this weekend was a cleansing oil, for my crazy hormonal face! I have read about cleansing oils in the past and always wanted to try them. It also thought to myself, ugh, my face is already oily-ish how the heck is that going to work?!?! Lately my skin has been so weird, it’s dry, it’s oily, it’s clear, it’s not-so-clear, it has wrinkles, its blotchy… seriously, I feel like I’m a teenager or in my early 20’s again! Pregnancy is an interesting thing, it can be so cool in one aspect but completely suck in another.

Let me be real with you all, pregnancy can be so amazing and crazy (in a good way) but I am not the girl that is going to tell you it’s all rainbows and sunshine. I do not love it. It can completely blow most of the time! I am exhausted (and can’t drink much coffee,) I am uncomfortable, I am huge, I lose my breath just standing up, I am bloated, I retain water in my lower legs/feet, hands and face, I have heartburn after just about anything I eat, I can smell every disgusting smell x100. I think people that say they love being pregnant are straight crazy! Crazy. Cra-zy. But it is all worth it when you see that screaming bundle of joy, so sweet and innocent. You get to watch them grow into little people, you get to see their minds working, trying to figure the world out, that to me is amazing. When I sit and watch my kids work though a problem, you can litterly see thier mini brains at work, it is insane and completely amazing to experience. That makes it all worth it.

Okay so I got side tracked there… back to my skin problems. So, I have been unhappy with my face wash and creams. It just felt like nothing was really working for me, nothing was cleaning it good enough and nothing was providing enough moisture… I’m on the back end of my 30’s now, my skin is not as supple or youthful as it used to be and it is hard to find an affordable skin care routine. I mean I’m sure some of these super expensive creams work but I’m not about to spend my money to find out. Plus, they have all sorts of wacky chemicals in them- it can’t be good for you. 

I have always read about using olive oil to clean your face but thought, heck no! My face is oily, that would be a disaster. After doing some research over the weekend I found out that those thoughts were completely not accurate. Oil cleansing helps balance your sebum production and even out you skin tone. I also found out that you can mix in other oils that have an astringent base to help fight oil. It doesn’t dry your skin out but it also doesn’t leave it oily. I did read that some people had adverse reaction to it for 1-2 weeks as their body was detoxifying. So far I have been using it for 3 days and nights, and I have not experienced any acne or access oil.

In my years of research and experience of essential oils, I know there are specific healing qualities to certain oils. Qualities that I want in a face wash/cream without having to use any nasty chemicals. My goal here isn’t to find the fountain of youth, I just want healthy glowing skin, maybe fewer wrinkles, and to know what is in my cleanser 😊.  I also want it to smell good, straight olive oil is not that appealing to put on the face, it basically reminds me of spaghetti sauce, so adding several essential oils is important for me to achieve a nice scent 🌸. 

Cleansing oil for aging combination skin:

  • 3 tbs Organic Olive Oil
  • 1 tbs Organic Castor Oil
  • 10 drops Carrot seed- wrinkles, sun protection 
  • 5 drops Cedarwood- acne
  • 10 drops Cypress- circulation 
  • 10 drops Frankincense- even tone
  • 10 drops Helichrysum- eliminates toxins
  • 10 drops Lavender- combats sebum oil, wrinkles, soothing 
  • 5 drops Lemon- wrinkles, acne
  • 5 drops Orange- dull & oily skin
  • 5 drops Palmarosa- new skin cell growth, wrinkles

Most of these oils have antiseptic, antiviral, and antibiotic properties which is a plus as well, to really help clean out your pores. Again, as I stated earlier, I will only use Young Living Essential Oils. I prefer Young Living because of their Seed to Seal promise (Read more here). This is very important to me, you may choose a different brand, it is ultimately up to you. 

Buy Young Living Oils Here

I mixed all of the above ingredients in a small glass bowl. I use these 2oz glass dropper bottles to store it in. If you don’t want to buy all those bottles, they do sell them individually at health food stores. Please remember to never store essential oils in plastic containers, they can have an adverse reaction and may compromise the oil when they come in contact with plastic. 

Basically my routine for cleansing with this facial oil is; on a dry face, message about a quarter size drop of the oil into face for about a minute, concentrating on troubled spots. With a soft washcloth, soak it in hot water, as hot as you can handle and place it over your face for another minute. This helps the oils really get into your pores and it is like a mini facial, it smells great! Once you are done, gently scrub your face in a circular motion with the cloth. Dry face off and done. 

I hope this was informative for some of you and you got something out of it 😊. For those of you that try the recipes, let me know what you used and if you liked it! For those of you that live close by and don’t have the resources or time to make either of these but would like to try them let me know and we can work something out! 

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