Chemical Household Cleaners = Bad

It’s been a while, I know, I know. I need to make more time to write and share with you the things I love. Essential Oils – Woot Woot! Seriously though, I have had a few people ask me when I was going to post again and that they enjoy reading my blogs 🙂 Woah! Heck yes! Thank you *Blushingwhilehidingmyface* Really?! Hehe, cool!

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about cleaning products… Is it bad that when I’m at people’s houses and they clean, I judge… *shameful*  Not in a real judgeyjudgey way… but I think to myself, “ew do you know how many chemicals are flying around the air, swimming up your nose, your children’s noses, or your pets noses… Floating up into your poor brain and mushing things around, all those chemicals cannot be good for you.” (those are my quick thoughts, all happening within 5 seconds.) It’s indoor air pollution, why do we subject ourselves to it? I know some people feel as though; if they do not smell bleach, they do not believe that it is clean… We need to be more informed about the chemicals that are used in cleaning products, to help people see that the “clean” smell, is not so clean at all. Here is one sure thing we all know, because it is stated on the bottle, if swallowed call poison control…??? Yes, I would like to spread that all over my house, that sounds like a great idea, please and thank you. No. No. Please do not. (Joking) They can irritate our lungs, skin, and eyes, they can cause chemical burns, and in some cases with long-term use, can cause cancer and neurological disorders. There are so many cases of asthma, allergies, and acute ailments these days, why are we all becoming sick…? I’m not saying that cleaners are the sole reason, but I sure as hell don’t think they are helping this problem! When there are chemicals in our cleaners that are “hormone disruptors” and mess with our body’s natural chemical makeup, you cannot convince me that this is good for us. Please! And then, when all is said and done, we flush it down the drain, into the ground and water system… into our plants which then we turn around and ingest… I could go on and on here. And I’m not in any way saying that I am perfect or that I would never use such a thing because I have. But, once I started doing my own research, I decided that they were not for me, or my family.  In no way am I saying that my friends or family members that use chemical cleaners are terrible people or bad parents, please do not take this the wrong way. I just want more people to think about and research on their own what effects these products might have on their environment.

Some of the common chemicals found in your everyday household cleaners:

Ammonia – Used in jewelry cleaners and polishes, ammonia can cause repertory irritation. Extended use can case chronic bronchitis and asthma.

Triclosan– found in most antibacterial soaps. Aggressive against bacteria, causing drug-resistant bacteria.

I would like to pause here for a minute and talk about the crazy over usage of antibiotics. Holy Moly people! Lay off, let your body fight the bad bacteria and build up a strong defense system. On its own!  Have you ever noticed that the people who are antibiotic/antibacterial crazy are always the sick ones…? Hmmmmm?? Want to know why, because the bad bacteria you are killing off with your over use of antibiotic/antibacterial things you are also killing your bodies good bacteria, leaving no fighting power for new germs. There are of course cases that Antibiotics are necessary to heal an illness, but stop thinking that it is required for every illness. If you have a virus… not going to work. Stop taking/using these things unless you really need them. Let your body fight its own battles, our bodies can do unbelievable things. Just think about it for a moment… We live our lives going about our day-to-day business, go to sleep and wake up the next morning and never stop and think about all the crazy things that are happening inside our bodies every microsecond of our lives. The human body is AMAZING!

Quaternary Ammonium Compounds or Quats- Found in fabric softener liquids and sheets. Quats is another type of antimicrobial, which again poses the same problem as triclosan. Helping breed antibiotic-resistant bacteria. *SEE ABOVE*

 Sodium hydroxide and sodium hypochlorite (bleach) – highly caustic, (able to burn or corrode organic tissue.) if mixed with Ammonia it will cause toxic fumes.

2-Butoxyethanol– Found in window, kitchen and multipurpose cleaners. It is a glycol ether, which is a powerful solvent when inhaled, at high levels it can also contribute to narcosis, pulmonary edema, and severe liver and kidney damage.

Phthalates- also known as “fragrance” on a label, are known endocrine disruptors. The endocrine system are the glands that produce hormones that regulate metabolism, growth and development, tissue function, sexual function, reproduction, sleep, and mood, as well as several other things.

Perchloroethylene or Perc– Dry-cleaning solutions, and carpet/upholstery cleaners. Perc is known as a neurotoxin, a substance that is poisonous or destructive to nerve tissue.

Chlorine– Found in everyday products and even our city drinking water! This product can cause chronic illnesses; it’s a respiratory irritant. Studies are now saying it may be a serious thyroid disruptor.

I know this is a whole lot to take in! You might be thinking, “OMG, I have to replace anything and everything that cleans me/my house right now!” Sloooooooooooow down. Try working on one thing at a time, take one product in your house and replace it with a healthier option. Baking soda is a great one! It can replace so many things! Lemon Essential Oil!! Miracle oil! It’s like a natural Goo Be Gone, seriously. It can remove any sticky, gooey mess! Pine Essential Oil, cleans and smells fresh. My favorite cleaner is Thieves. You can use the oil or the cleaner that Young Living makes with all natural plant-based products and essential oils. I am telling you, it is the best fresh smelling product. I use it for everything, an everyday counter cleaner, floor cleaner, air freshener, laundry cleaner, dryer sheet, Best. Item. Ever. Evereverever! Really truly. We use it in a diffuser almost every day, especially during the summer months (I live in Arizona) when you would rather die than open up your windows for fresh air. It makes everything smell clean and refreshing. Thieves is a blend of clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary oils. The reason for the name you might ask? Well, back in the day (15th century France) when the plague was lurking all around, burglars (or thieves) would apply these essential oils on themselves to ward off the plague while robbing the dead and dying. The good that came out of it, we now know that these oils can clean the sickened air. Yahoo for learning!

Thank you thank you, as always, for reading and caring just a little bit about what I have to say.  If you have any questions or would like to purchase Thieves Essential Oil or the household cleaner or if you have interest in any other oil, email me or click on the link below to order. Thank you again. I hope you all have an information filled, spectacular  day!! Love to all.

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